Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, time for me to get a life again

Suffice it to say that another crazy tax season is "officially" over and I'm now able to breath and take care of business at hand. I'm sure my dreams of tax forms and "did I get every tax benefit for this person" will diminish as time goes on.

Just wanted to let my followers know that I am back.

Throughout the past 2 months we've been holding meetings working to organize our mini air show to be held August 20th and 21st. The committee has come up with some pretty good ideas and, hopefully, will have something the public will embrace and enjoy. That's the name of the game, eh? Let the public know about General Aviation and show them the benefits of having an airport in their neighborhood. As Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's Airport Support Network volunteer for KLBE (Arnold Palmer Regional) that is part of our mission and this is the perfect venue to spread that objective.

As the details become finalized, I will post.

For those looking for a safety seminar close to home, the FAA Safety Team folks are putting together Safety Stand Down. We held the same workshop last year on a Saturday. This year we are going to try it on Tuesday evening, April 26th from 7pm - 9pm at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in the Chophouse restaurant. Yes, that's next Tuesday.

John and I will be making the presentation; no hecklers, please.

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