Sunday, October 28, 2012

America by land

John and I headed out on a journey across the country, by car, to Colorado in August. Why didn't we fly? You know the old pilot saying, "if you have to positively be there by a certain date, drive".  Hence, we decided to four wheel it. We planned on invading my brother and family in a Denver suburb.
I'm a curious sort. Even though we didn't fly, I still find it fun to pick out what airports we're going to pass by along our route. As we drove through Kansas, I noted a small airport close to Route 70 on my GPS close to Topeka. I said "there's an airport just over there" (pointing to my right). We should just stop and check it out. Surprisingly, John steered the car off the exit ramp and we were headed to explore places unknown.
As we inched our way into the parking lot, the relatively new terminal building beckoned. I couldn't wait to get inside to investigate. As we entered, we noticed a woman accompanied two young boys. They were checking out things in the lounge area. I struck up a conversation with Grandma.  She said the boys were up visiting and were headed back home in Texas. It turns out Grampa was out on the ramp preflighting the plane . As he entered the building he announced "is everyone ready for the flight"? The boys, eager to fly, ran to the door. They kissed Grandma goodbye and headed to the plane. I watched as the grandfather carefully seated the boys into the plane.
We waited to see the plane start up and take off. That accomplished, we headed to the car and continued on our way west.    

The entrance to the Terminal building at KLWC

Aviation-themed bench

Sectional wall

Preflight performed and ready for launch

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