Monday, February 8, 2010

Still another Webinar presenter - Bob Miller

Below is a sampling of an email I receive from Bob Miller, a flight instructor up in Lancaster, NY (for those of you geographically challenged, it's east of Buffalo, NY) You can get a heck of a lot of valuable tips from this guy's monthly newsletter.  Check his website out and subscribe to his newsletter.  As I have mentioned before:  this guy is like having a personal flight instructor 24/7.

Over the Airwaves -
The Journal for the Proficient Pilot

Dear OTA Readers and Aviation Enthusiasts:

Next Sunday's issue of Over the Airwaves - The Journal for the Proficient Pilot is packed with new, provocative flight safety information. Below is a sample of what is included:

Headline: Pressure to Go!
Of all the many risks associated with aviation, there is none so hazardous as that powerful little voice deep within us that says it is safe to launch . . . when it really isn't.

Traffic Information Systems (TIS) - Enhancing safety!

Mid-air collisions, in the grand scheme of things, do not happen that often thanks, in part, to new technology now becoming commonplace in many late model aircraft. But when they do happen . . . the outcome is nearly all bad.

Air Work - Engine failure in flight

What to do next when the engine quits is easily answered by the proficient pilot. For the less than proficient pilot, his decision could easily kill him. is the place to be!

Admittedly one of its most vocal critics, Over the Airwaves is pleased to enthusiastically support what appears to be happening over at

Near Miss - ATC or Pilot Error???

We have a dramatic simulation of a near-tragic collision between an airliner and a GA aircraft that occurred at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on May 29, 2009. Can you determine who screwed up - Pilot or ATC?
Passenger briefing is more than talking. Checking is also required!
How many times have we pilots said, "Everybody ready?," then launched?

That's standard behavior for most GA pilots. Unfortunately, such behavior can lead to disaster. Why? Because we assume that our passengers, even our frequent passengers, know what pre-flight actions they should be taking.

Bravo . . . the FAA is finally linking errant pilot behavior to who their last instructor was!!!!!

At long last, the FAA is making an effort hold flight instructors accountable for possible gaps or omissions in their teaching skills.

Bob Miller Flight Training, Inc. - The Bold Experiment Continues!

We're doing things at BMFT that have never been done before to improve the face of flight training. Follow along with us as we shake the very foundations of traditional flight training here in the USA. Learn more about what's happening at BMFT by clicking on


"My personal standard is, I would not sign off on any applicant that I personally would not want flying with my family in the back of an airplane."
-- Mary Colgan Finnigan, Cogan Air
Flight Training Webinar Coming Soon!

Many of our OTA readers have been encouraging me to broadcast my popular "12 Week Private Pilot/Refresher Ground Course" via Webinar to pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. Yes . . . you'll be able to partipate with me in this "live" weekly ground training program from the comfort of your home or office! Details concerning dates and times will be announced soon.

Remember - The current January 2010 OTA issue is still available at

Fly Safe,

Bob Miller, CFII, ATP
Over the Airwaves - The Journal for the Proficient Pilot


Lester said...

Webinars can be really very useful when it comes to educating people. It is much easier to teach people through the web. The costs incurred are also very less. All you will need is a nice webinar software and a internet connection to broadcast it.

Valetta Mowry said...

Thanks for the feedback, Lester. I just now noticed your comment. I think I'm going to check into this medium and see if there's more attendance to seminars.