Monday, February 8, 2010

You're expired! The latest scoop on photo IDs

Soooooo. Who has recently tried to access the gates of hangar or tarmac paradise, after your birthday, only to find the little gate troll uncooperative? We have new rules for all photo ID's that adorn each pilot who sets foot on the tarmac at Latrobe airport. Previously, when you got your ID updated, they were good for two years. Thanks to those pesky terrorists, we now have to fill out a Threat Assessment form which will be sent to TSA for approval. I'm told the approval takes 3 - 5 days... unless you mention to the friendly security guard that you're thinking about setting up an insurgent camp. They may want to take a long, close look at you.

The photo IDs will only be good for a year. For those who have a 2011 expiration, your pass will be good until then. I'm told they are grandfathered in. Those of you whose ID expires this year, when you get it updated, will now be good for a year. To all new applicants, you get the picture.

You'll be able to get your cards renewed on weekdays and weekends from 6:00AM to 10:00PM; though, the ideal times will be from 6:00AM to 2:00PM. If you're going to travel a far distance to get your ID renewed, especially after 2:00PM, perhaps a phone call would be in order. (They'll probably want a heads up to get the bright lights set up for interrogation). The phone number is 724.640.7234 in case they aren't in the office when you stop by. I would suggest you look at your card and plan to get your card updated ahead of the expiration date.

....I'm off to help shovel even MORE global warming that we got over the weekend.

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