Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from the brink

Well, the "cold from hell" turned into a four-week stint. After a doctor's visit and a diagnosis of a bronchial infection and dispensing a prescription for one of the 'cycline' family members, I'm now starting to feel better. Although, the doctor just confirmed my diagnosis and need for an antibiotic, it's interesting that even though I'm not a doctor and couldn't write up a drug store note to dispense me some healing drugs, I actually made the same diagnosis.

So I just wanted to bring up a few noteworthy items to keep in mind for this summer. Arnold Palmer Regional airport is hosting the Wings Weekend program the next three years. We met recently with the FAA and set up the weekend of September 17th, 18th and 19th, 2010. I'll provide more information in future blogs. I must add that this is a great program for pilots to get current, or proficient with CFIs who graciously volunteer their time in order to make this Program successful.

Also, Arnold Palmer Regional-Latrobe Airport is holding their Open House once again.The dates are August 14th-15th this summer. As soon as I get details on the event, I will definitely pass it on.

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