Sunday, January 17, 2010

The airport neighborhood

So, if you haven't been out to the airport lately, you may be surprised to find something amiss. There's a missing row of t-hangars at the south ramp. Because of a crampy rampy situation, they needed to tear down the front row of t-hangars.

To house the orphaned airplanes located in this row of hangars, the Airport Authority built hangars up on the southeast hill, overlooking the runway and the lowly remaining hangars.

A new flight school, Westmoreland Aviation has landed at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. Two local pilots, J.T. Spangler and Dave Castaldo, because of their love of aviation, felt there was a continued need for a dedicated flight school on the airport. Why not check them out for your instruction and rental needs. They have a great attitude and hopefully there will be more to come from these guys.

The Pittsburgh Flying Club has a presence at the airport and will continue to do so. They offer a low-cost solution to aircraft ownership.

And to be fair, there's also the Chestnut Ridge Flying Club over on the East Ramp. Contact information is

I guess I should also mention Aero Innovations at the top of the hill where the new t-hangars are perched. Owned by Dave Ziegenfus, Aero provides aircraft maintenance on the field.

And if you're in need of fuel, Avitat Vee Neal, the FBO on the field will be happy to top you off.

So there - you have a quick snapshot of who's who on the airfield. I'm sure I've missed someone but I'll make sure I include more in future posts.

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