Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Patient, heal thyself

How many of you going into the doctor's office for your flight medical, hate to fill out Form 8500-8? You know, that pesky form...

They hand it to you - you enter your name, address, flight time, explain whether you have you been arrested, hung out at hospitals getting surgeries, and much much more.

Consider submitting it electronically. It's really easy to do and is actually quicker for the Doctor to get your appointment done sooner.

Just go onto and find MedXPress under Licenses and Certificates then Medical Certificate. You must register so you can log in and submit the information. The plus side is, when you log in the next medical appointment, your name, birth date, etc. all the normal, constant information about you are already saved and come up on the new form.

Pretty slick, eh?  Don't be afraid.  Just try it!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I'm so glad the goverment took over our health care.

Valetta Mowry said...

HaHa. Actually this online form submission has been there for at least three or four years. Has NOTHING to do with the recent health care bill.