Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pilots, pilots everywhere

Well, I was relaxing last evening getting ready for the Safety Stand Down seminar to be held April 17th. I'd say the AOPA Safety Seminar presented by Andy Miller on Monday evening in Pittsburgh was a success. There were close to 300 attendees. For that, I want to thank those who attended. I know there are quite a few pilots who relish the camaraderie of others as well as the quest to learn more in order to be safe. I also realize that every pilot in the area can't attend due to work, travel, etc. I just hope they can get to some seminars throughout the year.

Andy put together a humorous yet informative seminar on Pilot Pet Peeves. And I know you have had those thoughts about something another pilot has done that made you just shake your head. One of MY pet peeves has been the pilot who feels that it was too time consuming to taxi down to the run up area to do a pre-takeoff run up. They'd rather do their run up on the ramp (soon to be called the 'apron'). I don't know where they learned this habit but if they think about what ugly things could happen, they may come to their senses. Reminds me of America's Funniest Videos. What did they think would happen?

So if you have that urge to do your run up on the 'ramp' at Latrobe Airport don't be surprised if you see me come out and give you dirty looks(and I'll make sure you see me doing it). I know you'll think I'm a kook but you'll know that I'm a disapproving kook.

Okay, enough of my rant. I'll behave.

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